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Re: questions on ident, postfix & proftp

Kevin van Haaren wrote:

> Postfix question
> ============
> I have a laptop user that travels around and I'd like to let them
> send mail through postfix using authenticated smtp  from anywhere on
> the internet (I like this better than the pop authentication == smtp
> authentication, as it seems more secure).  Reading through the sample
> configs it looks like postfix provides this through sasl but it isn't
> recommended using it yet.  Is there another way to securely provide
> authenticated smtp?

We use exim (using SMTP auth) and stunnel to provide encrypted,
access from any laptop, anywhere. It was a complete pain to set up
but well worth it. And if I had the config files handy (I don't -
they're at work
and I'm not) I'm sure it would be easier second time round.



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