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Re: questions on ident, postfix & proftp

On 00-12-17 Kevin van Haaren wrote:
> Ident questions
> ============
> Going through the Securing Debian HOW-TO I don't see a specific 
> mention either for or against running the ident service (either 
> through inetd or standalone.)  Is there a consensus about if this 
> service is particularly useful or not?

It is useful to identify your users in case of abuse. 

> Digging around on the internet it mainly seems to be useful for IRC 
> clients although some mention is made that it can be useful for 
> preventing users of your system from forging e-mail from your system. 

It will also be useful if any kind of abuse happens and your logfiles
say nothing. If the admin can provide you with the ident-entry from your
ident-server, you will still be able to identify the user, but if you
have no ident running you will never find out which user abused your

> As far as security on the system itself it appears mainly to be a 
> point of DoS attacks, is this a valid evaluation?  IRC clients won't 

Well, depends on your identd configuration.

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