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Re: OS Hardening

> It would be _nice_, however, if the Debian installer/scripts could setup
> some of the things mentioned in the HOWTO at installation time or at
> least give the user the option to select some additional
> security-related tasks to be done.

This is basically what Bastille-Linux does (http://www.bastille-linux.org/).
I've played with it on RH, and it's a sort of interactive HOWTO that points
out certain known security issues, and asks you if you want to fix them
(disable telnet/rsh, install ssh, disable atd, etc.)  The good thing about
it is that is that it deals with the practical side (like a hardening script)
but also educates (like a howto).

Currently it's targetted at RH, but apparently they're looking and 
modularising it to make it portable.  Supposedly there's a debian version
in the works.  There's an interview with the authors on slashdot that 
discusses this.


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