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RE: Problems with root on network clients

Pretty basic: remove the floppy drives (or if your users really need them -
don't know why - disable them booting in bios).  Set a bios boot password
and a bios change password (to different things, of course.)

Finally, there usually is this nice tab with a hole sticking out the back of
many cases these days.  Put a padlock on the tab and nobody gonna open that
thing without a bit of hassle.

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From: Alex Pires de Camargo [mailto:acamargo@linux.ime.usp.br]
Sent: Thursday, November 23, 2000 2:08 AM
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Subject: Problems with root on network clients

	I administer a network with server and clients Debian based,
and would like to know if I can solve this problem.
	It's a little easy to an user open a PC, damage the batteries,
boot with floppy and login as root in a client. But one thing is
undesirable. He can do su - <users> and do many things on users
homes. The rootsquash options on nfs solve the problem when the
user is root, but as I explain, this is not sufficient.
	Is there anything I'm forgetting to make? On server I run
potato, nis (not nis+), nfs-kernel-server.


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