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RE: apache


I don't know which version you are using, but
I has this problem with apache 1.3.12.

Try adding directive

AddDefaultCharset off

in httpd.conf

I was not sure is it working as global config or no, so I put
this line in every virtualhost directive too and the problem disappear.

I made hard dig in apache bug reports and found some posts about this.
They says that there is hard coded bug which always put charset
iso-8859-1 if it is not disabled. About meta tag... this is from
apache documentation read carefully the second sentence of the
description :)

AddDefaultCharset directive
Syntax: AddDefaultCharset Off / On / charset
Context: all
Status: core
Default: AddDefaultCharset Off
Compatibility: AddDefaultCharset is only available in Apache 1.3.12 and later
This directive specifies the name of the character set that will be added to any
response that does not have any parameter on the content type in the HTTP
headers. This will override any character set specified in the body of the
document via a META tag. A setting of AddDefaultCharset Off disables this
functionality. AddDefaultCharset On enables Apache's internal default charset of
iso-8859-1 as required by the directive. You can also specify an alternate
charset to be used; e.g. AddDefaultCharset utf-8.

I think that the directive AddDefaultCharset is not "Off" by default...

You can test this with telnet to port 80 and typing:
GET / HTTP/1.1
Host: www.yourdomain.com

and if you see in the head:
Content-Type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1
then the charset is not disabled.

Anton Todorov
Systems Administrator
Lirex BG Ltd.

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It's not a security problem, but my apache doesn't want to show html
in iso requested in <META> it's always received by browser as
iso-8859-1, but it's declared as iso-8859-2. Why is that. Default
char-table declared in config file is iso-8859-2. Can anyone help me?
If so, please send me a solution to my private adress below

Thanks in  advance

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