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Re: Problem with inetd and exim.

Petr Cech wrote:

> > Is this really a good idea? Since the exim install does a fair bit of
> what is a not a good idea? Leaving it as it always was?

Leaving tcpwrapper support out...
As for default config, probably just "exim: ALL: severity mail.info:
allow" or
some such. There seem to be far too many rude admins whose mail servers
fail the
"paranoid" check these days.

> > out how to use it & where the hosts_options and hosts_access manpages
> > are??
> libwrap0. you should have this installed

Evidently, as apart from anything else, exim would presumably have to
depend on
it if it were built to use it.

I meant so that whoever is reading the message knows that they are the
to look at for details...

Just a thought.


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