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Re: Configuring ssh

Use PuTTY. Go to http://www.openssh.com/, click on "Alternatives -> For
Windows & Mac", and at the top is PuTTY.

SSH2 support was only added quite recently, though, and hasn't made it
into the stable distribution as of yet. Still, I use it whenever SSHing
from Windows boxes. It's a small download, too!



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On Mon, 6 Nov 2000, Mark Janssen wrote:

> > > Login with a ssh client with RSA support, like mindterm.
> > 
> > SecureCRT is a good client although it is commercial.
> The latest version of CygWin toolkit contains OpenSSH 2.0pl1...
> along with all the other unix tools for win32... so you can just
> run ssh (including tunnels and other advanced features most term-emulators
> with ssh don't have) from your bash shell.
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