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Re: Bug#75144: GNOME'e nterm service

>nterm (no terminal) is a meta-package that doesnt install any
>terminalemulator. this is the default for most installs
>actually i dont think it is really relevant what nterm really is, cos
>that is just something nmap came up with.

 It is relevant because it is a tcp service that I may NOT want to
 give or use, because it is running on my machine, because I am
 concerned about security, because I am explicitly interested in
 knowing what it is and where does it come from and if I really need
 it. I think this is way more than enough to seek for an answer.
 I filed a bug report because there is no documentation on the topic,
 which is absurd as it is a tcp service that we are talking about.

 And actually no, it has nothing to do with nmap. nmap is just a port


1. what is nterm?
2. why is that gnome-session is listening to it?
3. can I get rid of it?
4. is it safe?

 I do not care if all systems have it. I do care about knowing what is
 running in my machine, why and whether it is safe. I triggered this
 question two years ago and I have been periodically hunting for an


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