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Re: file ownership in liblockfile1 1.01 (sparc)

On Wed, Oct 11, 2000 at 07:18:23AM -0700, andy wrote:
> just ran tiger on a fresh debian (2.2) install, and received the following
> warnings:
> # Performing check of PATH components...
> # Only checking user 'root'
> --WARN-- [path002w] /usr/bin/dotlockfile in root's PATH from default is
> not owned by root (owned by dovienya).

What uid is user dovienya on your machine?

The liblockfile1 package contains no files not owned by root in Debian
2.2 on i386 or powerpc - what architecture are you running?

> i verified that the same holds true on two other installs, and didn't find
> any information on this on the net at large...  so i thought i'd send an
> email out debian-security way to get some feedback...

Was anything unique about these installs?  What are you installing

I can't reproduce this.


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