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Re: Conflicts make APT useless


Make sure you have the latest version of libdb2 as well. For that matter,
make sure you have the latest version of everything. I have ldconfig, and
it's owned by libc6, so I'm not sure how you got that...

By the way, what's this got to do with debian-security?



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On Tue, 10 Oct 2000, Thomas Halahan wrote:

> Hi,
> I have upgraded glibc to 2.1.94-3.  During this process I have had
> the same problems as many.  i.e.
> * libdb.so.3 not found
> * ldconfig disappears
> But now my apt (dselsct and gnome-apt) shows many unsolved
> dependencies which become very confusing and difficult to solve. 
> Most notable is the requirement of libdb2 by many packages.  However
> libdb2 conflicts with my libc6, so there is nothing I can do.
> How do I persuade my apt programs to work again, as I am fed up of
> downloading individual packages that turn out to have
> interdependencies that are too difficult to solve with dpkg?
> Tom
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