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atd - can I remove it if I don't use at?

I read of an article about redhat linux security, here is excerption about
	This scheduling daemon schedules "jobs" for later execution. You
could use at to tell atd to run "ps -ef > /root/jay " in two hours, just to
find out what processes are running then. Unfortunately, there's been a rich
history of security problems in the at / atd program pair. Fortunately, the
same basic functionality can be found in crond , which is a wholly necessary
daemon. Disable atd , and its associated program /usr/bin/at, by running: 
	# chkconfig atd off 
	# chmod 000 /usr/bin/at 
I was wondering if I should do the same on Debian when I never use at
command , or some other debian packages depend on atd for self maintenance
so I have to keep it? (when I tried to remove at package with dselect, no
dependency problem arise)

Thank you

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