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Re: Have I misunderstood an ipchains concept?

I think I'm seeing the 'lo' behaviour. I just added rules to block purely
internal services like NFS on my external interface, and used nmap to
check that my rules in fact worked. Well, I was mildly surprised to find
nmap using the loopback interface when I had specified the external IP
address of my machine.

On Thu, 21 Sep 2000, Christian Pernegger wrote:

> I have the following lines (inspired by Robert Ziegler's Linux firewalls book)
> in my firewall script:
> ipchains -A input -i $IF_EXT -s $ME_EXT -j DENY -l
> ipchains -A input -i $IF_EXT -s $ME_INT -j DENY -l
> ipchains -A input -i $IF_INT -s $ME_EXT -j DENY -l
> ipchains -A input -i $IF_INT -s $ME_INT -j DENY -l
> He says in the book that one will never see a legit packet coming in over a NIC
> from one's own address, for packets destined to a "local" address are delivered
> via the LO interface.
> I think that's what it says in ipfw_chains(4). To quote:
>  Input firewall
>               These  rules regulate the acceptance of incoming IP
>               packets.  All packets coming  in  via  one  of  the
>               local  network  interfaces  are checked against the
>               input firewall rules (locally-generate packets  are
>               considered to come from the loopback interface).
> Yet if I broadcast anything from the FW machine to any of the attached networks,
> the packet destined to the machine itself comes in over eth?, not over lo and
> is thus denied...
> Maybe someone could explain this to me or give me some pointers?
> Thanks
> Christian 
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