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playing with traffic shaper

hi there,
i'm setting up a small Lan with some friends of mine .
i would like to give them to capability of going through my gw-adsl ( a linux
machine ) but not to fill up all my bandwith .
so i'm trying traffic shaper but i have some problem to understand how it
really work.

e.g. my gw is
my frineds are in the net
i would like that they can access to my gw ( nfs server ) with maximun
throughput of our eths but everything that is outside me ( e.g. INTERNET but
squid on my gw too ) must go til a max  24 kbps .

any suggestion ? i'm also reading Advanced-Routing HOWTO with tc that seems to
help me but i would like to know how to do this with traffic shaping .

many thanks

Samuele Tonon  <samu@mclink.it>
Undergraduate Student  of  Computer Science at  University of Bologna, Italy    
System administrator at Computer Science Lab's, University of Bologna, Italy  
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