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Need help analyzing firewall log message

Sep 14 19:41:44 jesus kernel: Packet log: \
input DENY eth1 PROTO=1 x.x.x.x:13 L=56 S=0x00 I=3405 F=0x0000
T=255 (#4)

Happens in bursts of ~7, once a day, maybe more

eth1 is the external interface, connected to a cable modem that is fully
(That is I block all incoming/outgoing private LAN addresses and it still
This is the only thing that I ever see coming in from a private address.

Protocol 1 is ICMP according to /etc/protocols. seems to be other end of the cable modem bridge. (I made a route
and checked.)
The target ip is my box.

How do I read the ports in ICMP logs?

I'm sure it's legit, I just wanna know WTF my ISP is doing...



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