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Re: strange upd traffic (ipchains newbie)

Thanks, Leen, Alexander and Tim for your answers.

I found the solution. I produced the traffic myself.
I did "ipchains -v -L" every second in a script to see what happens
on my network. I am interested in amount of traffic, at the moment.
But ipchains itselfs displays ip-adresses with names, not numbers, 
so I had several dns-queries every second!
Now I do "watch -n 1 -d 'echo started at: $DATE_START; ipchains -vn -L'"
(-n!) and it works fine.

Alexander, you said I shouldn't use "-j ACCEPT", but I want
to split the traffic in three categories: 
from 127.* from company-addresses and from rest. 
Unfortunately you can't use boolean operators in "-s / -d".
"-s ( |" would be cool.
Is there a way of doing this?

That's way I use "-j rule" at the moment. I want to change
ACCEPT to my_rule someday if I have time to.

# count access from localhost
ipchains -A input -s -i lo -j ACCEPT
# count access from gurkensalat (localhost)
ipchains -A input -s gurkensalat -j ACCEPT
# count access from internal network
ipchains -A input -s -j ACCEPT
# count access from rest (internet)
ipchains -A input -j ACCEPT

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