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Re: On the security of e-mails

On Fri, May 26, 2000 at 02:19:06AM -0700, Alexander Hvostov wrote:
> Ethan, and everyone,
> I seem to keep having to repeat myself: the USA recently relaxed its
> crypto export controls. I'm not certain if that means I can download
> OpenSSL and then send it to someone in <insert non-US, non-Canadian
> country here>, but I believe I can.

well i personally don't really buy it, i have yet to find anyone who
can give a truly clear and unambiguous answer to the question.  and i
have also heard that the current relaxation is just a `evaluation'
and they may very well reverse it again. 

you ever read `Peanuts'? the classic strip where Lucy pulls the
football away as Charlie Brown comes running to kick it springs to

Ethan Benson

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