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Re: On the security of e-mails

 Alexander Hvostov wrote

> ...Unless you encrypt to a public key belonging to everyone on the
> mailing list, which certainly can be done, though this means
> distributing the appropriate public/private key pair, so the keys
> themselves would also have to be encrypted, probably to each
> individual user.
> Of course, you could also implement something like a bulletin board
> on HTTP over SSL instead... or maybe SMTP over SSL to each individual
> list subscriber. (insecure; most subscribers don't run their own mail
> server)

 I have a comment on this, related to the never ending battle against
 SPAM. Why is that mailing lists, that are open only to subscribers,
 make public the content of thir messages (including addresses) on the
 web? Yes, archiving. But that opens the way to address collection.

 I like your proposal of using SSL for this list. And I think we
 should give it a try.


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