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Re: On the security of e-mails

The closest reliable method in that area is PGP encryption
of e-mail.  In theory only those people who have the message
signed with their public key will be able to read it.

In practice I haven't heard otherwise.

The only place where it isn't appropriate to encrypt (maybe only sign)
is on public mailing lists.

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On Thu, 25 May 2000, Sergio Brandano wrote:

>  I would like to raise the problem of the security of electronic
>  mail. The problem popped into my mind a while ago, while reading
>  about Italian legislation on the privacy and, in particular, of
>  paper mail. I always wanted to draw the issue to the attention of the
>  ``hi spheres'', but I am now in the UK, and the whole thing went into
>  the limbo. The problem is simply as follows: there is no legislation
>  that enforces the privacy of electronic mail. On the practical side,
>  there is no software method currently implemented at large that
>  allows the receiver, and only the receiver, to read his/her own mail.
>  The secure transmission of mail is part of the whole process.
>  The similar issue can easily be extended to the Internet, where sites
>  (from the very client to the very server) can record your preferences,
>  as if there were a big brother that spies on you and writes all down.
>  An immediate consequence of it are all the SPAM mail selling
>  financial services...
>  Sergio
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