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TESTERS NEEDED: msyslog pre-release


  We have a pre-release of the new modular syslog system is available
for download.
  It has been tested under OpenBSD 2.6 and 2.7, and RedHat 6.1, but we'd
like to hear from you.
  It's the predecessor of the secure syslog. Here's a brief list of

	* Input and output was heavily modularized, and writing new
          modules is very easy
	* New authentication + integrity PEO module
          (as in previous ssyslog)
	* New output to mysql module

  And of course, its license is BSD :)
  Still, there is lot of space for improve. That's we we ask you to take
some time and test it, send your suggestions, comments, patches or
anything else you think important.
  For this matter, we have set up 2 mailing lists: msyslog-dev, for
technical discussions and msyslog-usr, for general usage.
  To subscribe to them you have to send a mail to
majordomo@core-sdi.com, containing in its body:

  subscribe msyslog-usr 


  subscribe msyslog-dev



Alejo Sanchez - Developer	alejo@core-sdi.com
Core SDI S.A.			http://www.core-sdi.com

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