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Re: Auto Pass Changing : Subject changes to OOPS :)

Just one query,
if ones root password is getting accidentially changed, shouldnt you be looking
for the source to stop it?

Just my thoughts,

Tim Haynes wrote:

> On Wed, Mar 22, 2000 at 12:36:59PM +0100, Neil D. Roberts wrote:
> > Hi, um, bad news ? Yep, but I was lucky though . . .
> >
> > Ok, I got the perl -npi.bak -e 's/^root:[^:]*:/root:pants/o' /etc/shadow ,
> > pants being my shadowed password. I put this in a file called fixpw.sh,
> > chmoded it to 700 and executed it. Then on tty2 I tried to login and it
> > didn´t let me, so before I did anything, I did a passwd to my original
> > password, and then went to check out the /etc/shadow file, and I´m afraid to
> > say, that the root line
> > which was originally root:/pants:11012:0:99999:7::: has changed to
> > root:/pants11012:::::: I think this is a slight little problem, but I
> > took care in "trying" before implementing this. Anyway, now that things
> > are almost back to normal in my shadow file, does any new ideas come up
> > ?
> Hokay. The perl s/// bit doesn't take into account the rest of the line,
> oopsie. Try something like
>         perl  -npi.bak -e 's/^root:[^:]*:(.*)$/root:pants:\1/o' /etc/shadow
> (the idea being that the \1 refers back to whatever matched the (.*) .)
> As someone else has said, btw, would you recognise your own encrypted root
> password? (Would whoever mailed me that directly please bounce it to the
> *list* as well?!)
> ~Tim
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