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new mysql-server for *slink*

Hello list

I've just copied mysql-server_3.21.33b-3.deb (and the rest) to incoming
on master.

This is the mysql version for "stable" aka slink to which I applied the
security patch that prevents people to guess the password of an existing
mysql user in <40 tries if their host is allowed to connect to the db.

This time I installed the new and the old server package on my own host
and tested with master:~ch/mysql-hack-3.21.33b to see if the patch works
and if it didn't break the password routine as my first try with 3.22.30.

Everything seems to be fine, although I would sleep better if anybody
could install these new versions and test it, too.


 (aka ch@debian.org)

P.S.: Is there anything else that I have to do for installing a package
      in a already released distribution?

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