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Re: DSL router and security


Oh dear. Please tell us what ISP this is so we can take special care to
avoid it. :)

(Note: NAT breaks all sorts of things, and it is incredibly cheap for an
ISP to use NAT, since they, as an ISP, /should/ be able to afford the IP
address space.)



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On Thu, 10 Feb 2000, Howard Mann wrote:

> Hi,
> I use DSL with Slink. I previously had a static IP address. I used an IP Chains ruleset as one security level. All was well.
> My ISP recently mandated a configuration change for the Cisco DSL router from " bridging" to "ppp" mode, including NAT at the router level.
> The router now changes my assigned IP address to a private Class A address ( ). I changed my networking ( eth0) settings to reflect this.
> I guess I no longer need the IP Chains firewall. Is this correct ?
> What security considerations/measures should I now adopt with respect to my new setup ?
> My knowledge of the function of this router is rudimentary.
> Thanks,
> Howard Mann.
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