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php5: many of the "open unimportant issues" would seem to be fixed?


Having a quick look at the security tracker for PHP5, it looks to me like a
number of the older "Open unimportant issues" are no longer a problem with
the latest version in Squeeze (5.3.3-7), since a lot of them seem to have
been fixed upstream in earlier versions. Can the tracker be updated somehow
to remove the noise from old issues?

>From a quick scan, it seems that CVE-2010-3064 is a likely cut-off point, as
it seems to be the last one listed as affecting "PHP 5.3 through 5.3.2".
Although I'm a little bit busy right at the moment, I can probably have a
more detailed look through the list later today when I have a bit more spare
time, if that would help.

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