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GPS info SJ


I am sending information about the services
that can be offered with our products:

Vehicle Tracking and Security:

- Control large fleets of vehicles with minimum efforts.
- Vehicle Recovery with instant response time.
- Simple Maintenance System without monthly cost.

Vehicle Fleet and/or Cargo Transport:
A wide range of Transportation Companies work with the CarTrackGPS System to obtain:
- Route Audit/Analysis.
- Cargo Door Control.
- Fuel Tank Cover Control.
- Remote Fuel & Temperature sensing.
- Remote Messaging.

Public and Private Transport Fleet:

- Low Cost Vehicle Dispatch.
- Remote Messaging for taxi dispatch.
- 100% Operational System in all countries.

Why choosing CarTrack GPS as your technological partner ? 

Because CarTrack GPS is your company. It develops, manufactures and exports corporate vehicle location solutions for tracking, location and satellite monitoring in the world. This company develops, manufactures and export GPS technology which adapts to central monitoring stations and vehicles fleet needs.

We work with leader monitoring companies along the world and this is due to the fact we offer an integral solution, inventive, 100% hidden, and low cost, high quality and with a high stability level as well as a creative design thought from the very first moment in simplicity and robustness.

The hardware was entirely designed by CarTrackGPS in solid electronics and incorporating different hardware options depending of the application, and not only aimed to security as we will show next, it is also aimed to fleet monitoring, logistics and real time vehicle tracking.

In addition, the Tracking Software includes bonus with bulk orders and it offers:

-Report Configuration (this allow to control the devices transmission costs). 
-Panic button, remote engine shut down.
-Geofence (to detect when a vehicle exit from an area pre-configured from the software by the user). 
-5 inputs and 5 outputs that allows to connect the GPS unit to the vehicle doors controlling the opening remotelly. 
-The software is very easy to use and devices require minor maintenance as they are robust and totally configured remotelly.
-Total Support as we offer technical assistance through MSN and telephone at any time that it is needed after implementation.. 
-We provide a turnkey solution for your company; with lifetime support and upgrades.
-You don't have to pay any monthly fee of any kind.
-Other optional functionalities: remote messaging with optional LCD display.
-Temperature and Fuel Sensor availables as accessories.

Contact us for further information.

Warm Regards,
Mr. Sebastian Novak
CarTrackGPS Ltd.
Miami: + 1 305 328 3889
Miami: + 1 305 424 1494
MSN: sales@cartrackgps.com
SKYPE: cartrack-s.calabria

CarTrack GPS is a member of ALAS:

Facebook: http://facebook.com/cartrackgps
Twitter: http://twitter.com/cartrackgps

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