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Proposed refactoring of the per-release tracker pages

Hi all,

In order to address some usability, clutter, and transparancy issues
with the tracker, I propose to make the following changes:

1.  By default, the per-release pages (e.g. [0]) will only show low,
medium, and high urgencies.

2.  There will be a link on each of those per-release pages to "show all
urgencies", which will show all open issues (including undetermined and

2.  All blank urgencies will be converted to "undetermined".

3.  A separate page will be added that lists all open undetermined
issues; separated by affected release.

4.  A separate page will be added that lists all open unimportant
issues; separated by affected release.

I would be very interested in a constructive debate.  If there is no
discussion, then I will make decisions based on what I deem most
appropriate.  Now is your chance to influence the outcome; I will begin
work this weekend.  I would prefer to get feedback now rather than
after later since I too have limited free time.  Regardless, I will
post a patch before committing anything.

Best wishes,

[0] http://security-tracker.debian.org/tracker/status/release/unstable

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