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Re: oldstable-backports packages files outdated

* Gerfried Fuchs:

>  Florian, I tried to ping you on IRC several times. For a longer time
> the stable-backports packages files seemed to have been outdated too,
> but that seems to be fixed these days.

Sorry, I don't really monitor IRC.

>  Only - the oldstable-backports packages files are still outdated -
> which makes it a bit hard to track issues for that part. Take a look
> at e.g. the postgresql-8.3 package. Not that it does appear on the
> radar, but it has the version 8.3.7-0lenny1~bpo40+1 in
> etch/oldstable-backports for a quite long time by now.

is no longer updated.  Please remove that directory, or fix the diff

(There's a short-cut in my code which skips downloads when the 
Sources.diff file shows no changes.)

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