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Re: Upload to experimental for dnsrecon


On Fri, 05 Apr 2019, Marcos Fouces wrote:
> Sophie showed interest to include the new dnrecon [0] release in Kali.
> Could any DD review and upload it to experimental?

Done, but I uploaded it to unstable. The chances of having to deal
with an RC bug on this package are low and it's a leaf package that
can be easily removed in case of problem.

> BTW: you also could give me DM rights on this package if you feel it
> isappropriate.

Or you could apply to full DD status... I think you have been around for
long enough to deserve it. Even if you feel like that you lack some
skills/experience, you will still be able to ask for a review even if
you're a DD.  :-)

(I don't use dput-ng and handling DM rights is a pain without it,
but maybe Samuel can do it for you ;-))

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