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[Pkg-security-team] Polenum and acccheck packages

Hello Rapha?l,

Sadly, upstream did not answer my second mail asking for this change, so 
i believe that it is better to upload it to non-free.

I already changed this value in the control file.

Could you upload it?

Thanks a lot,


El 23/08/16 a las 18:43, Marcos Fouces escribi?:
> El 16/08/16 a las 16:53, Raphael Hertzog escribi?:
>>> acccheck is at 
>>> https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-security/acccheck.git
>> 1/ This one can't be uploaded to main but only to non-free currently
>> due to the restriction of usage for legal purpose only.
>> Maybe you can try to get in touch with the upstream developer to see
>> if they are willing to get rid of this exception and use plain GPL?
>> If you want to upload to non-free, then you should change "Section: net"
>> to "Section: non-free/net".
> I asked upstream about this and i am still waiting his answer. Please, 
> don't upload the package for now.
>> 2/ You should change "Architecture: any" into "Architecture: all" as the
>> package seems to only contain a single perl script. And thus you can get
>> rid of ${shlibs:Depends} as well.
> Done
>> 3/ In debian/rules, don't call dh_installdirs within
>> override_dh_auto_install.
>> Either you create the required directory
>> manually or use the proper option of /usr/bin/install (this is what I
>> suggest). You can then get rid of debian/dirs.
>> Or you use override_dh_install (which is called after dh_installdirs) to
>> perform an extra manual installation...
> I changed to install with the -D option. I hope that's ok.
>> 4/ You could fix "acccehck" into "acccheck" in
>> debian/patches/amend-usage-output
> Done.
>> Cheers,
> Thanks. Marcos

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