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[Pkg-security] MDK3 first draft

Hi team,

I just uploaded to git the first draft of the packaging of mdk3, i made a
d/TODO explaining what is still missing to get a decent package (it may be
missing some points, i just wrote the most important ones).

I'm copying the TODO here, in case someone gets interested please feel free
to reply to this email and we can work together :)

The first item will be the funniest to accomplish, at least for those who
like C.

 MDK3 currently FTBFS if the patch makefile_flags.patch is used, we get a
 of errors from the flags:

 All of them comes from bad pointer and printf usages ans should be patched
 sent upstream before releasing this package. Please note that by fixing
 it will also be possible to use all hardening flags (unless there's more
 problems hiding), and that they're already enabled on d/rules.

* d/copyright
 Add missing entries, mostly from osdep/*.

Samuel Henrique <samueloph>
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