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[Pkg-security-team] Sponsor for new t50 release

Hi all,

I've just updated the patch description, i sent it upstream, let's see if
he agrees.

I'm currently waiting to get an advocacy for DM, when i got one i believe
it'll be easier to work with t50 because i will be allowed to sign your
changes, Marco.

By the way, Marco, is there a problem if i make some changes on the
changelog entry?
We have now:

"* Patch to avoid various FTBS. Thanks to Gianfranco Costamagna"

I would like to cite the patch name, like:

"* debian/patches/disable-linux-test.patch: Create patch to avoid FTBS on
    systems where host_os != linux-gnu. Thanks to Gianfranco Costamagna."

It's a good practice to cite which files were created/removed/changed on
the changelog, in order to make it easier to track changes. You can suggest
an alternative if you don't like the example above.

There's also a little problem with the entry from 5.6.7-1, something went
wrong when you formatted the entry, there's two unneeded  "[ Marcos Fouces
]" entries, i'm fixing this one right now, so i just need confirmation from
the above.

Currently we need someone to sign and send 5.6.7-2.

Samuel Henrique O. P. [samueloph]

2016-09-05 13:45 GMT-03:00 Marcos Fouces <mfouces at yahoo.es>:

> Hi
> I just added a patch with Gianfranco suggestion.
> Can someone test and upload. I tested with a pbuilder chroot but only for
> sid with am64 and linux.
> Cheers. Marcos
> El 05/09/16 a las 08:11, Gianfranco Costamagna escribi?:
> Hi Samuel, Marcos
>> uploaded,
>> seems that a new check makes it FTBFS on armhf, armel, mips64el, x32 and
>> probably more.
>> +# For now, this system will compile ok only on Linux.
>> +if test "${host_os}" != "linux-gnu"; then
>> +       AC_MSG_ERROR([T50 will compile only on Linux systems.])
>> +fi
>> this check makes it fail when host_os is equal e.g. to:
>> host_os='linux-gnuabi64'
>> host_os='linux-gnux32'
>> host_os='linux-gnueabihf'
>> host_os='linux-gnueabi'
>> I tried this patch in a qemu armhf environment:
>> -if test "${host_os}" != "linux-gnu"; then
>> -       AC_MSG_ERROR([T50 will compile only on Linux systems.])
>> +if test "${host_os}" != "linux-gnu" && test "${host_os}" !=
>> "linux-gnueabi" !! test "${host_os}" != "linux-gnueabihf"; then
>> +       AC_MSG_ERROR([T50 will compile only on Linux systems, ${host_os}
>> detected])
>> and it works, but I'm really sure this isn't the right fix, unfortunately
>> I'm not an autoconf man.
>> Honestly I would drop that check in Debian, since the build is already
>> restricted to linux/only OS.
>> let me know and I'll sponsor it if needed,
>> thanks,
>> G.
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