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[SECURITY] [DSA 2519-1] isc-dhcp security update

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Debian Security Advisory DSA-2519-1                   security@debian.org
http://www.debian.org/security/                                Nico Golde
August 1, 2012                         http://www.debian.org/security/faq
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Package        : isc-dhcp
Vulnerability  : several
Problem type   : remote
Debian-specific: no
CVE ID         : CVE-2011-4539 CVE-2012-3571 CVE-2012-3954

Several security vulnerabilities affecting ISC dhcpd, a server for
automatic IP address assignment, have been discovered.  Additionally, the
latest security update for isc-dhcp, DSA-2516-1, did not properly apply
the patches for CVE-2012-3571 and CVE-2012-3954.  This has been addressed
in this additional update.


  BlueCat Networks discovered that it is possible to crash DHCP servers
  configured to evaluate requests with regular expressions via crafted
  DHCP request packets.


  Markus Hietava of the Codenomicon CROSS project discovered that it is
  possible to force the server to enter an infinite loop via messages with
  malformed client identifiers.


  Glen Eustace discovered that DHCP servers running in DHCPv6 mode
  and possibly DHCPv4 mode suffer of memory leaks while processing messages.
  An attacker can use this flaw to exhaust resources and perform denial
  of service attacks.

For the stable distribution (squeeze), this problem has been fixed in
version 4.1.1-P1-15+squeeze5.

For the testing (wheezy) and unstable (sid) distributions, this problem
will be fixed soon.

We recommend that you upgrade your isc-dhcp packages.

Further information about Debian Security Advisories, how to apply
these updates to your system and frequently asked questions can be
found at: http://www.debian.org/security/

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