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Re: netcdf-java: need Maintainer rights request

Thank you Geert for trying to help me.

Let me explain into more detail the problem I have.
As you guessed, I recently created the empty Salsa repository https://salsa.debian.org/science-team/netcdf-java. When I try to push commits, git complains that no default branch is set and that I am not allowed to create new branches.
It also suggests me to contact Maintainers or Owners of the project.

I have had this problem every time I created a new Salsa repository in a Salsa group. As far as I understand, Salsa Maintainers and Developers have nothing to do with Debian Maintainers and Developers. I have been Salsa Developer in various teams for some time now, even though I was a Debian Maintainer (I am since recently a Debian Developer). For some reason, Salsa Maintainers have more rights than Salsa Developers, which can be confusing. The solution adopted in other teams was to grant me Salsa Maintainer rights for the packages I maintain. I guess that this can only be done by someone with Maintainer or Owner rights in the group.

So, if someone with sufficient rights could please grant me Maintainer rights for the repository I created, I would be very grateful.

Best regards,

Vincent Prat (vivi)

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