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Becoming a package maintainer and best practices for porting RPMs from Fedora

Dear Debianers,

I have been maintaining a number of packages created by my lab for Fedora (as part of NeuroFedora) - most of these tools are for optical/neuro imaging, modeling and data processing. I would like to contribute these packages to Debian and want to get some pointers where to start.

The packages I am currently maintaining include


Many of these are MATLAB/Octave compatible toolboxes, some are C-based Monte Carlo photon simulators (OpenCL based).

I am wondering if someone can let me know

1. is there an established procedure to convert an official Fedora RPM to a deb package? any best practices guide for creating a package?

2. I am interested in maintaining these packages if accepted, any links/steps on how to become a maintainer would be fantastic. Any one willing to mentor me would be great!



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