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Re: Bug#961108: openmpi: providing 64-bit MPI

>> the question becomes - can 32-bit archs handle 64-bit code (int64 etc),
>> or are we dropping support for 32-bit archs ?
> We didn't enable BLAS64/LAPACK64 on any 32-bit architecture, which means
> blas/lapack reverse depenencies cannot link against blas64/lapack64 on
> 32-bit archs. Personally I think it's pointless to get them working on
> 32-bit archs.
> That said, I'm open to this problem -- if someone can get
> blas64/lapack64 working on 32-bit archs, we may give it a shot.

Enabling "64 bit" openmpi and mpich can be done using m32/m64 and
equivalent flags (-mabi=lp64, etc on aarch64, etc)

This _mostly_ affects MPI_Long types on the arch in question, assuming
ptrs on amd64 are already 64-bit.  We could build 64-bit by default on
64-bit archs;

this might lead to some issues on some applicatons where code behaves
differently (buggy rather than faster/slower) on different archs.
The only way to really know is to try it, but if  we were to do so, we'd
need to do it fast to get into bullseye.

Opinions ?


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