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Sponsors for ADIOS2 and related packages

Hello all,

I am in the process of packaging ADIOS2 and all of its dependencies.
I've filed ITPs and RFSs for all of the dependencies, and I attempted
to CC the Debian Science list, but it seems I CC'd the wrong address,
so most of them missed their target :). I am looking for sponsors for
each of the following packages (RFS bug referenced for each):

libatl          (#960049)
libdill         (#960059)
libffs          (#960312)
gtkorvo-libenet (#960336)
libevpath       (#960462)

And of course I will need a sponsor for ADIOS2 itself once I've
packaged it.

Please note that the version numbers listed in the RFSs differ from the
versions I've packaged because the versions I plan to package haven't
been released yet. I am getting the packaging in order now, and plan to
actually upload them once the releases occur.

Thank you in advance.


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