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Re: [RFS] bibutils for an upload in experimental

Hi Andrius,

Le 14/04/2020 à 07:10, merkys@debian.org a écrit :
> Hi Pierre,
> On 2020-04-08 19:59, Pierre Gruet wrote:
>> Some days ago I worked on the packaging of bibutils, which is maintained in
>> the team. I had to bump the SONAME and therefore I ask for sponsorship to
>> put it in *experimental* in order to begin a transition procedure, having
>> identified four reverse-dependencies.
>> If time permits, I would be happy to get feedback on my packaging and to
>> have the package uploaded.
> I have uploaded bibutils to experimental today. I have just changed a
> line in the debian/changelog saying that libraries are placed in
> /usr/share, when indeed they seem to be placed in /usr/lib.
> Thanks a lot for your contribution!

Thanks a lot for reviewing my work, correcting this mistake and uploading
the package to experimental!

I will now wait for it to exit NEW and then launch the transition procedure.

> Best,
> Andrius

All the very best,

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