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Re: RFS: keras, keras-applications, keras-preprocessing

Hi Stephen,

I am reviewing packages and preparing uploads.

Best regards


Am Sa., 21. März 2020 um 15:40 Uhr schrieb Stephen Sinclair
> Dear Science team,
> I decided to check up on my packages and found that there are errors
> that have cropped up due to recent updates to Python and GCC.  I
> noticed that they will be autoremoved from testing soon, so I am
> looking for a sponsor to upload some updates.
> In particular keras and siconos, but keras is more urgent as it will
> be autoremoved on Monday.  And, I am still working on fixing a problem
> with swig4.0 in the siconos package.
> So, the following packages have been updated in salsa repositories:
> science-team/keras
> science-team/keras-applications
> science-team/keras-preprocessing
> Unfortunately my sponsor is no longer available, so I am looking for a
> new sponsor to check and upload these packages.
> Note: the salsa CI fails for keras because it does not use the updated
> keras-applications and keras-preprocessing, I am not sure how to make
> that work.
> But, it is building and testing successfully on my machine.
> Would someone be willing to sponsor an upload of these packages?
> kind regards,
> Steve

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