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[covid-19] shiny-server (Was: dependencies Re: ITP: streamlit)

Hi Rebecca,

On Wed, Apr 08, 2020 at 01:48:52PM +0100, Rebecca N. Palmer wrote:
> It does (and eslint itself is one of the packages that we do have but
> npm2deb can't find), but even ignoring build dependencies completely and
> assuming we can use the plotly.js embedded in python3-plotly or
> r-cran-plotly, the recursive dependency tree is >300 different
> not-yet-packaged modules.  (I don't have the exact count because npm2deb
> depends -r repeatedly failed part-way through.)
> shiny-server (11 recursive JS dependencies) might be a more reasonable
> target.

I fully agree that shiny-server is an extremely valuable target as well.

Kind regards



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