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Re: Bug#842815: Help needed for HDF5 1.10 transition of libsis-jhdf5-java

Hello Bernd,

On Sun, Aug 05, 2018 at 09:01:10PM +0200, Bernd Rinn wrote:
> Hello Andreas,
> There are some good news: For porting JHDF5 to HDF 1.10, I got help from
> Gerd Heber. I have been fixing some looes ends in the last couple of
> days and now the porting is now. I still want to do some improvements to
> the library (not dependent on the underlying HDF5 version) and need to
> work on the Windows build, but there is nothing that would keep you from
> updating the port in Debian unstable. The build procedure for Linux
> won't change anymore.
> The current version of JHDF5 building on top of HDF5 1.10.3-pre1, you
> will find in (branch master):
> https://sissource.ethz.ch/sispub/jhdf5

That's pretty good news and the move to a Gitlab instance as development
platform also helps a lot to obtain your sources in a convenient way.
However, I'm a bit confused about the versioning.  Can you give some
hint what version I should use for the libsis-jhdf5-java package.  The
old version was 14.12.6 and I wonder what might be your next versioning
step.  I simply want to make sure that this prerelease has a highter
version than 14.12.6 but a lower version than your next official release.
> I plan to do in about 2 weeks time a JHDF5 pre-release to get feedback
> from users outside my organization. The release should then be based on
> HDF5 1.10.3 once that version has been released by the HDF group. If you
> have anyone who could test the pre-release version or your port, please
> feel free to forward this email to him or her.
> All the best,

Same to you and thanks for your work on this



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