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Re: RFS: netgen/6.2.1804

2018-06-25 11:11 GMT+02:00 Kurt Kremitzki <kkremitzki@gmail.com>:
> Sure, I've created the PRs and assigned them to you for master/upstream/
> pristine-tar branches for freecad and netgen, and just master for gmsh.

OK, I will try to review them within the next several days.
If somebody from science team (and not only) want to do it also,
feel free to do it.

> However I don't have the ability to create repos in science-team still, so
> could you create the following for me for the things I plan on packaging soon?
> (or have packaged)
> python-fluids, if97, coolprop, python-thermo, python-ulmo, freecad-doc

I have created those repos and added you as maintainer of them.
Please do not forget to add the description to each project.



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