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Re: Freecad is looking for new maintainers

On 05/24/2018 03:07 PM, Anton Gladky wrote:
Great to hear it! Feel free to ping me if you need a review/sponsorship.
AFAIK Leopold has also some interest in this package (in CC), so please
coordinate the efforts with him.



Hello all,

I am a FreeCAD developer and Google Summer of Code 2017 & 2018 student for FreeCAD. A large portion of my project this year involves improving the Debian packaging situation for the project. I'm not a DM/DD yet but I've been working on packaging since last December or so, so I'd like to contribute to maintaining the package as well.

One important thing to note is that the geometry kernel for FreeCAD, OpenCASCADE, has been updated. Currently the package is built against OCE, a community edition fork which is based on OCCT 6.9 from 2015. I have packaged OCCT 7.2 and it's currently in experimental. A lot of the improvements in FreeCAD 0.17 depend on this, including the new technical drawing workbench.

Also, I should mention that FreeCAD 0.17 is Qt5-ready, but is blocked by PySide 2 needing to be packaged. It is also Python 3-ready, but only for Qt4 (until PySide 2 is packaged, that is.) Accordingly, I have been mostly working on PySide 2 packaging, but I've just learned apparently that Raphaël Hertzog may also be working on that so I've reached out to him to try to prevent duplication of work.

P.S. FreeCAD's meshing dependencies, Netgen and Gmsh, also both will require attention as a result of OCCT 7.2 being available. I have a Netgen 6.2.1804 package nearing the end stages of preparation, and updating Gmsh seems to have been straightforward.

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