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Moving remaining Debian Science packages from SVN to Git


I'm currently moving the last remaining packages from SVN to Git
(salsa.d.o) and remove the according SVN dir.  I'm also removing
the SVN dirs of just moved packages as well as from packages that
were removed from Debian.

This went fine so far but I stumbled upon one issue with dimbl where
some Git repository was created and afterwards development in SVN
continued (involved people in CC).  I now merged everything "somehow"
into the existing Git repository and hope that's fine for you.

In case there might be somebody who is not happy about the move please
let me know.

BTW, there is some unfinished packaging stuff in SVN.  I'm moving these
packages to the subdir 0_unreleased[1].  I have no idea whether somebody
might intend to pick these things up.  Since there is no real way to
reproduce these data (the deletions above can be restored from
snapshots.d.o if all fails) it might be worth keeping them for some
packages (in Debian Med I moved also those packaging attempts to Git
but I will not do this work for random Debian Science packages).

Kind regards


[1] https://anonscm.debian.org/viewvc/debian-science/packages/0_unreleased/


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