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Re: Please clarify licensing of utf8 CRAN package

Hi Andreas,

That license is the Unicode license from http://unicode.org/copyright.html . I don't include the character data verbatim, but I have a set of headers derived from them, for example https://github.com/patperry/utf8lite/blob/master/src/private/charwidth.h . These are generated from the python scripts here: https://github.com/patperry/utf8lite/tree/master/util .

I have listed "Unicode, Inc. (Unicode Character Database)" in the Author field per the CRAN policy, and I believe that the current package description is compatible with the Unicode license. If you have suggestions for how to better document the license situation in the package, please let me know.


January 15, 2018 at 3:44 AM
Hi Patrick,

I intend to package utf8 for Debian since it is needed to upgrade
another package (tibble) which is packaged for Debian to the latest
version. When Debian ftpmaster was reviewing the license statements he
stumbled upon the file src/utf8lite/LICENSE.Unicode. I admit I do not
understand for what exact file this license might apply since all those
files that are featuring an explicit copyright statement are rather
Apache-2.0 licensed as the general R code.

Could you please enlighten us about the files that have the Unicode

Thanks a lot


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