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Re: Problems with my maintainer upload

On 11 Jan 2018, at 15:29, Jose Luis Rivero <jrivero@openrobotics.org> wrote:
> Hello all:
> Excuse me if the question stupid but I have a problem with one of my
> maintainer uploads.
> In this case ignition-math2 is the package and the upload is to update
> to the 2.9.0 version. After I run dput I get a message of "Processing
> ..." but never get "ACCEPTED or REJECTED".
> Here is the message that arrived to mailing list:
> https://lists.alioth.debian.org/pipermail/debian-science-maintainers/2018-January/056854.html
> Is there any log or register where I can find what is the problem? Am I
> missing something obvious?

Yes, but you need ssh access to coccia, i.e. be a DD. Looking on there at

> 20180111171905|process-upload|dak|ignition-math2_2.9.0+dfsg1-1_source.changes|Error while loading changes: No valid signature found. (GPG exited with status code 0)
> gpg: Signature made Tue Jan  9 22:50:01 2018 UTC
> gpg:                using RSA key A08161BBEC1CC063961459035E946C090AFF0427
> gpg:                issuer "jrivero@osrfoundation.org"
> gpg: Good signature from "Jose Luis Rivero <jrivero@osrfoundation.org>" [expired]
> gpg: WARNING: Using untrusted key!

Your key has expired, or at least the copy in the keyring. Note that the
keyring is uploaded manually around once a month, so even if you renew your key
and upload it to the keyservers, you won't be able to upload anything for a
while and will need sponsorship.


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