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Qwt5 and removal of Qt4 (Qwt and PyQt-Qwt version 6)

Hi list


My packages Qwt5 and pyqwt5 will be removed with the removal of Qt4 from Debian and yesterday I was looking at the

reverse dependencies and a few of the packages have maintainers on this list.


$ apt-cache rdepends libqwt5-qt4


Reverse Depends: 

$ apt-cache rdepends python-qwt5-qt4
Reverse Depends:               


As a replacement for Qwt5, Qwt version 6 was released many years ago and has been packaged

for debian nearly as long.


As a replacement for pyqwt5 I want to suggest my wrapper, PyQt-Qwt


It is not yet packaged for Debian but I might start packaging it if somebody shows interest.





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