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Re: Help with Qwt and PyQt-Qwt, C++ symbols

Hi Dima

Thanks a lot. This is very helpful.
> This generates the attached report. I guess the proposed patch changes
> the layout of the vtable, so calls to virtual functions past the vtable
> changes would break.
> I can't tell what problem you're trying to solve since I can't tell how
> you're trying to build PyQt-Qwt. What build errors are you seeing? How
> can I see them? Can PyQt-Qwt be updated to live with the unpatched qwt?
There are two problems.

1. I need do understand better if an update of the library (change in the symbols table)
    requires a bump in the abi version or not.
    You seem to have solved that problem.

2. I need to make PyQt-Qwt compile and work with the qwt library.

The best solution is to fix the PyQt-Qwt code (SIP) but I haven't found out how to do that
but by patching qwt, it works perfectly.

Now I am updating Qwt to version 6.1.3 and if I want to add the patch, the time is right to do it
but I want to be sure that the patch doesn't make problems for other users of the library.

I hope this explains my problem :)

Thanks again

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