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Re: Bug#823140: RFS: caffe/1.0.0~rc3-1 -- a deep learning framework [ITP]

Hi guys,

Some updates to the caffe package:
(can be seen in git repo but no mentors upload)

  1. added octave-caffe-cpu package, but there remains some
     lintian errors to be solved.
  2. changed package caffe-cpu into metapackage, move tools
     to package caffe-tools-cpu. the metapackage pulls
     libcaffe-cpu, caffe-tools-cpu and python-caffe-cpu,
     and it suggests the octave interface, libdevel pkg and
     the doxygen doc package.

Concerning protobuf3 and opencv3:

  opencv3 is not a must, but python3-protobuf is needed.
  Some weeks ago I had a quick study on them and I found that
  they are not as easy to be dealt with as I hoped.
  * even failed to build the unchanged opencv3 package from
    experimental ...
  * protobuf3 compilation needs gmock but it's missing.
    need to inspect the packaging on how the missing gmock
    source was resolved by protobuf maintainers.

Without python3-protobuf the python3-caffe-cpu still builds,
although it doesn't runs correctly...  Can we first get it into
experimental to see on which Architecture does it FTBFS? [1]
Besides in this way we can let it pass the first-time-new-queue
when waiting for the required runtime-dep.
Is experimental available for this purpose?

Thanks. :-)

[1] amd64 and ppc64el won't FTBFS, both tested by myself,
    and that's all I know.

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