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Re: Bug#725772: RFS: nfft -- Library for computing Non-uniform Fast Fourier Transforms

Hi Ghislain,

On Mon, Oct 28, 2013 at 09:50:13PM +0000, Ghislain Vaillant wrote:
> > 
> > > >   - Neat tip:  You might like to check, how config modell using
> > > >        cme fix dpkg-control
> > > >     is formating your control file.  I personally like this.
> > > 
> > > not quite sure what you meant here. I did run "cme fix dpkg-control" and
> > > did not return anything, nor did it change the copyright file. no
> > > further action taken.
> > 
> > OK, that's not important but I'm curious why nothing had happened at
> > your side.  Please post the output of
> > 
> >   apt-cache policy libconfig-model-dpkg-perl
> > 
> My apologize, I was still focusing on the copyright and did not read you
> were talking about the control file. It is now fixed.

Well, "fixed" is probably not the right word because it was never wrong.
I'm just suggesting this nice reformating because some standardisation helps
other team members.

> > Ummm, that's important to hear.  I wonder how many potential team
> > members we might have lost because we are to lazy to maintain our new
> > comers documentation properly.  I admit I'm personally not that deeply
> > connected to Debian Science that I feel responsible for this
> > documentation (even if I'm quite visible here and try to push all
> > lessons I have learned in Debian Med to Debian Science).  I would be
> > really happy if somebody would grab the ball and move on here.  I have
> > noticed Pablo Oliveira's patch to fix this issue and I was hoping for
> > somebody to grab and apply it (or even discuss this here).
> > 
> > Pablo, thanks for this - if nobody else will step in I'll apply the
> > patch soon.  Ghislain, if you have faced some other newcomers hurdles
> > please be verobose about this here and perhaps you even try to fix this
> > because you are just past this hurdle (hopefully) and might be prepared
> > best to write down what for *you* would have been helpful.
> > 
> I am intending to blog about my packaging experience in the near future.


> I foresee debian/ubuntu to be the safest place to release scientific
> code in the future, considering the recent moves and potential lockdowns
> coming up in Windows and OSX. Some insights on getting started with
> packaging from a fellow research colleague, properly formatted in a set
> of blog posts, would probably feel like a more shallow path than all the
> documentation I have had to digest to begin with.

Any way you see to spread the knowledge how to join is very welcome.

> > $ lintian nfft_3.2.3-1_amd64.changes 
> > I: nfft source: duplicate-short-description libnfft3-1 libnfft3-dbg libnfft3-dev
> > I: nfft source: debug-package-for-multi-arch-same-pkg-not-coinstallable libnfft3-dbg => libnfft3-1
> > I: nfft source: quilt-patch-missing-description fix-missing-lm.patch
> > I: libnfft3-1: no-symbols-control-file usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libnfft3.so.1.0.0
> > I: libnfft3-1: no-symbols-control-file usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libnfft3_threads.so.1.0.0
> > 
> Indeed, I have been using '-i' only. The first 3 are fixed now.

OK.  As I said I would not insist on these changes - but it is better to
care even for those nitpicking lintian info.

> TBH, I
> don't know much about symbols and their importance in packaging. I'd be
> curious to learn about them later, but I clearly don't have time right
> now. For what, I read about it on a quick googling, they don't seem to
> be that important for my use case though. 

Yep.  I think it is better to have the package uploaded now.  In case
you want to care about this later the link to the Wiki page in the
lintian warning provides most probably sufficient information.
The package is uploaded now.  Thanks for your patient work on this.

Kind regards



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