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Autobuild on a specific buildd machine ?


I have looking around the Debian pages using google for the following question:
is that possible to specify a buildd machine for an architecture when uploading a package ?

The problem is the following, I am uploading feel++ which requires a little bit of memory and typically 2Gb of RAM is not sufficient for g++-4.8 (which is very memory hungry, far worse than g++-4.7 and g++-4.6  ). Everything is fine on powerpc, amd64 and i386 where I am using clang (which works like a charm, thanks sylvestre!) whereas for sparc I use g++-4.8 (problem of code generation with clang)
I would need to use stadler (sparc) (which has 8Gb of RAM) to compile feel++ using g++-4.8. If the autobuilder picks a 2Gb sparc machine, it will fail.

thanks in advance for the help

Best regards

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