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Re: cctbx debian package

On Mon, 23. Jul 21:14, Frédéric-Emmanuel Picca wrote:
> In that case you need to polish your patches :)
> Once we will have something working we will rewaork the patch series until we find
> it acceptable and minimalist 
I meant Scons upstream.

> at the end they will have a sort of Libtool :))
Yeah sometimes I feel like Perseus in the greek mythology defeating one beast
(Scons) with another beast (libtool). :D

> thoses  libscitbx_boost_python0 libraries are not python extensions ?
No this is a shlib like libboost_python**.
And it's not only this one. There are several like this not related to
Ok, I'll try to make several packages but I'll have to dive into the include
directory and try to seperate which header is for what file. Yeah and I'll have
to come up with a good description. I don't have a clue for what that libs can
be used.

> The only general concern I have with this is that third party software which use cctbx
> will rely on these scripts. Another important point is that each /usr/bin/xxx should
> have it's dedicated man pages...
This could be an issue. It could be too much work to get this done. I now added
the executables from exe_dev into /usr/bin. But I read that this executables are
just examples.
> Do you know about third party softwares which use cctbx via the scripts ?
> We can in that case provide a cctbx-legacy with all thoses "useless" scripts.
I don't know of any. Although I in one lintian warning that one or 2 python
files under cctbx_sources having this interpreter: #!cctbx.python
But I think I'll patch that out.
> Can you put on the wiki more information about theses scripts so it willbe possible to sort them in different categories ?
OK, I'll do that.

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